These are the instructions to play:
1- Create an account on the game web page 
a) Click on the image similar to the following image, located on the left side.
Click torneo

b) Register as a member. Take all the lessons needed and practice. Remember that another person may play in your place if they use your account.
Firmar torneo

2- The tournament will take place between January 01 2018 and December 31 2018. You will be able to play any day, any time, and as many times as you want. These are the instructions.
Once you’are registered click on the image similar to the one located on the left side.

Click torneoa) On the left side of the screen select “PLAY NOW”. Click “CLOSE” to dismiss any advertisement if it pops up.
b) Select “STROKE PLAY”

Play nowc) Select “CONGRESSIONAL.” Country Club located in Bethesda, MD, USA, is the venue of 6 championships of the United States Golf Association, USGA.

Verify that the following parameters are active:
d-. “GAME MODE = Practice”
e-. “HOLES = Front 9”

Finally select “TEE OFF”

Game ModeStart playing and have fun! We know this will be a very exciting experience!
3- You have until  December 2018 to classify. This will depend on you getting a score of 33 hits after playing 9 holes. If you do, you’ll need to email an image with the score to so you can advance to the final round in January 2019

4- In January 2019 , the final round will be played with the classified players and the winner will be the one with the least score. In case of a tie there will be another round among these players. The location, date, and time will be previously assigned and they should play until there is only one winner. The winner must to send the account and information of access as a WGT member in order to confirm the classification score in the corresponding month.