To play You , who will be called «caddy», these are the instructions:
1- Create an account on the game web page 
a) Click on the image similar to the following image, located on the left side.
Click torneo

b) Register as a member. Take all the lessons needed and practice. Remember that another person may play in your place if they use your account.
Firmar torneo

The tournament will be held after reaching 1,000,000 players. represented by the young «caddies» and that will be played in two (2) qualifying rounds on dates to be announced in due course. In the first round there will be a winning «caddy» with the lowest score and a prize of USD 50,000 and the trip to Rome to give the prize to Pope Francis. As this winning caddy represents a number of players, the second round will be played among the «caddies» needed to represent each of these players, chosen in descending order of first round classification, resulting in a winning «caddy» the lowest score and with a prize of USD 10,000 for him and USD 10,000 for the winner of the tournament. These are the indications.

Once you’are registered click on the image similar to the one located on the left side.

Click torneoa) On the left side of the screen select “PLAY NOW”. Click “CLOSE” to dismiss any advertisement if it pops up.
b) Select “STROKE PLAY”

Play nowc) Select “CONGRESSIONAL.” Country Club located in Bethesda, MD, USA, is the venue of 6 championships of the United States Golf Association, USGA.

Verify that the following parameters are active:
d-. “GAME MODE = Practice”
e-. “HOLES = Front 9”

Finally select “TEE OFF”

Game ModeStart playing and have fun! We know this will be a very exciting experience!

3- . In each round you can participate, you must send an image with the result to the mail : and we can determine if you can move to the next round.

4-. In case of a tie in any round, another round will be made between these players, after assignment of the field, the date and time, until a single winner results.